Which The Loud House Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign? (2023)

Though The Loud House premiered only in 2016, it already has five seasons out and a large and dedicated fanbase. There are many reasons for its success: The jokes, the animation, the plot, et al. But the biggest of them all is the diversity in its characters.

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The Loud family is obviously a weird one, but in a good way. Every family member loves others even if they don't always agree with each other. Naturally, it's interesting to explore their personalities and see if they have any connections to the zodiac signs.



12 Aries: Lynn Jr. Is Competitive& Aggressive

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Lynn Jr., or simply Lynn, was named after her father and is the fifth-oldest child in the family. She is also the youngest of Lincoln's older sisters and goes to seventh grade and then eighth grade after the fourth season.

Lynn loves sports and is a very dynamic and competitive person just like any Aries. She is eager, but she can also be forceful sometimes. In one episode, she revealed that she was picked on by her peers in the first year of middle school which made her become somewhat violent.

11 Taurus: Lisa Is Dependable But Also Egocentric

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Lisa is only four years old up until season five, but she is the smartest of all the siblings. The second-youngest child in the family, she prefers to attend elementary school even though she is constantly seen working on experiments and could clearly get through college with ease.

Lisa is a strong and dependable individual like a Taurus would be, but because of her status as a child prodigy, she is often condescending and egocentric. She is also very creative and loves inventing and experimenting all the time.

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10 Gemini: Lana And Lola Are Curious & They CravePraise

Lana and Lola are twin sisters and are thefourth- andthird-youngest children, respectively, by a difference of two minutes (both are six years old until the fifth season). Though they are quite different and don't always get along, they still love each other.

Both sisters possess Gemini traits. Lana is a tomboy and loves to get herself dirty all the time, but though this curiosity drives her actions most of the time, she is always very kind to everyone, especially her family. Lola, on the other hand, is very girly and loves dedicating time to winning beauty pageants. She is very expressive and even versatile as she is able to balance school and her beauty queen career quite well.

9 Cancer: Lucy Is Emotional & Artistic

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Lucy is eight years old in the first four seasons and is the fifth-youngest child in the family. Just like her siblings, she has a distinctive personality that is unique to her.

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Lucy is a gloomy goth girl with a habit to pop out of nowhere and scare others with her unexpected appearance. Like most Cancers, she can be very sentimental and loves writing poetry. She is also quite compassionate and shows appreciation for Lincoln caring for her as she is often left out and misunderstood even by her family.

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8 Leo: Luan Is Confident & A Prankster

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Luan is fourteen years old until season five and is the fourth-oldest sibling as well as the second-youngest of Lincoln's older sisters. Out of all the family members, she is probably the one who fits the Loud last name best (though Luna probably could share that title with her).

Being the dramatic Leo that she is, Luan loves pulling pranks on everyone and anyone. Even though her jokes aren't always the best, she still remains quite self-assured and confident. She is a very outgoing and fun-loving person.

7 Virgo: Lincoln Is Analytical & Loyal

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Lincoln is the eleven-year-old protagonist of the show who constantly has to put up with his five older and five younger sisters all of whom live in one house along with their parents.

Like all Virgos, Lincoln is quite practical and analytical. He always manages to find the right approach to every sister and settles conflicts easily with his gentle approach (most of the time, at least). He is also very loyal to his family and loves them dearly.

6 Libra: Lynn Sr. Is Stern But Fair

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Lynn Sr. is the father of the Loud family. He once wanted to be a chef but decided to work as an IT specialist to be able to provide for his family properly.

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Lynn Sr. is often portrayed as stern, but he is also usually quite fair-minded and diplomatic (as Libras are) towards his children and attempts to settle their fights quickly. He is very social and even participates in his children's antics from time to time.

5 Scorpio: Luna Is Passionate But Also Stubborn

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Luna is fifteen years old for the first four seasons and is the third-oldest child in the family as well as the third-youngest of Lincoln's older sisters.

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As a Scorpio, Luna is quite stubborn and usually gets her way. She is very passionate about music and particularly rock. But despite all of this loudness, she can easily get agitated when she upsets her siblings or when her family isn't with her.

4 Sagittarius: Rita Is Outgoing & Optimistic

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Rita is the mother of the Loud family. Though she dreams of being a novelist, she seems to be lacking a creative side. Still, her children (particularly Lincoln) are the ones inspiring her.

Like her husband, she is quite strict, but she is still more level-headed than he is. Like any Sagittarius, she is an optimistic and extroverted person. Though she isn't afraid of punishing her children when necessary, she is still quite generous.

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3 Capricorn: Lori IsAuthoritative But Can Be Condescending

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Lori is the oldest of the Loud siblings. She is seventeen years old, but after season four, she graduates from high school and goes to college as an eighteen-year-old.

As any Cancer, Lori is very independent and disciplined. She is very serious and responsible, but she also likes using the fact that she is the oldest one to reinforce her authority. At times, she can be quite condescending, but she is still a very kind person.

2 Aquarius: Lily Is Expressive & Deep

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Lily is the youngest one in the family and is two years old by season five. Though she is only learning how to speak, there is already a lot of personality in her.

Before she was potty-trained, Lily would often take off her diaper which could show that she is uncompromising like many Aquarians. She doesn't cry a lot like most babies which could show the inner depth that this sign is notorious for.

1 Pisces: Leni Is Empathetic & Affectionate

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Leni is sixteen years old for the first four seasons and is the second-oldest child in the family. Perhaps she is the most underestimated family member most of the time.

Leni is usually quite naïve but makes up for it with her kindness and her good looks. She is very affectionate and empathetic towards her siblings like any Pisces would be. Moreover, she is also very artistic having a talentfor signing, fashion design, and wood carving.

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