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Interior Impressions. Bring a touch of nature into your space with floating shelves that showcase the texture and imperfections of natural wood. Match the wood stain to the color of the other furniture in the room to tie the whole look together. Continue to 16 of 30 below. 16 of 30.

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Styling Floating Shelves By Room Kitchen Floating Shelf Ideas. Open kitchen shelving is popular for showing off dishware and drinkware such as wine glasses and coffee mugs, but it also has functional benefits. Floating kitchen shelves keep frequently used items within reach and can allow a stunning backsplash tile to shine through.

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Anna Spiro Design. Equal parts preppy and bohemian, contemporary and timeless, this kitchen by Anna Spiro Design is an eclectic dream. A lone floating shelf in line with the bottom of the range.

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Wood is a popular choice for floating shelves because it is strong, durable, and comes in a variety of finishes and textures. Not to mention, floating wood shelves can be stained or painted to match the decor of the room. Hard woods like oak, maple, and walnut are often used for floating shelves, but soft woods like pine can also work well.

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Step 3: Prep the 1×2 Spacers. Jenn Largesse. With the shelf piece cut, we're ready to assemble the shelf box. First assemble the 1×2 pieces by drilling two pilot holes through the longer piece into each shorter pieces.

The Best 20+ Wonderful Floating Shelves For Alternative Decorations

Coffee mugs and clocks: 8" - 9" for standard mugs. Bookshelves: 10"-11" - The hardwood shelves are perfect to be used as floating bookshelves! Entertainment center items: 12". Heavy-duty items need heavy-duty depth. The 12" deep shelves are a perfect way to add beauty and extreme functionality to your bedroom.

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Interior designer Breegan Jane bridges the gap between the upper cabinets and wall with three white oak floating shelves. The two top shelves extend the length of the wall while the third shelf stops three-quarters of the way below. This top-heavy, asymmetrical installation lends the space an effortless, modern and elevated appeal.

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Living Room Floating Shelf Ideas Living room shelves are a perfect catch-all for stray books, family heirlooms, small pieces of art, candle sticks, or travel mementos. Best of all, these decorative displays can help conceal clustered cords, gaming systems, or other unattractive electronics. 4. Bedroom Floating Shelf Ideas

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1. Modern Wood Floating Shelf. Source: ssl-images-amazon.com. Wood can be an awesome material for the living room's floating shelf. A unique shaped wooden floating shelf will be a wonderful media to display your collections or some decorations. This wooden floating shelf will be an awesome house for aromatherapy candles, dried flowers in vase.

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With minimal décor, this above-the-bed floating shelf was styled for contrast. Small touches like black photo frames and a simple black line on the duvet add depth to a mostly-white room. A few bright colors come out in the curtains and throw pillows, and we love the geometric patterns in black and white. 26 of 27.

10+ Floating Shelf Decor Ideas For Bedroom

Sorbus Large Floating Shelf at Amazon ($32) Jump to Review. Danya B Pristine Glass Floating Shelves at Home Depot ($52) Jump to Review. MyGift Vintage Floating Shelves at Amazon ($45) Jump to Review. Bameos Floating Wall Shelf Set at Amazon ($32) Jump to Review. Gracie Oaks Keegon Floating Shelf Set at Wayfair ($49)

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Kritsada Panichgul. Create the look of built-in bookcases by equipping alcoves, niches, and bays with floating shelves that span the recess. Consider proportion when selecting your shelves. Large and deep recesses call for thick shelves, while slimmer wood, metal, or glass shelves are best for shallow, narrow niches. 15 of 28.

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Now, this is what we call easy entertaining. Keep your favorite beverages, bottle openers, garnishes, wine glasses and more readily available on this Acacia Wood Floating Shelf. The stylish accent piece can hold six bottles of wine or liquor, as well as six stemmed glasses. It's an amazing deal for just $50.

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Ideas for styling a floating shelf in a living room or bedroom. Floating shelves in your living room and bedroom are going to be decorative in 9 out of 10 cases. I'd go so far as to say it should be 10 out of 10 cases. Cased storage is lovely in these spaces so there's no need to store important stuff on an open shelf here. Use floating.