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Apr 22, 2023 11:42 am Marvel Marvel Snap bounce deck guide: The best bounce decks in the game It's time to bounce. David Gealogo Image via Nuverse One of the deck strategies players can use.

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The June 8 Marvel Snap over the air (OTA) update is now live with five key balance adjustments now in effect. From slight buffs to Rogue and Medusa to surface-level nerfs for The Hood and Beast.

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Beast is a beloved character in the Marvel Universe and one of the more popular X-Men. However, for all the physical strength that Beast has, the card in Marvel Snap is anything but a powerful threat. Instead, Beast is a great support card, adept at "saving" cards on the board by returning them to your hand.

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Sentry: 4-10 > 4-4. Stop playing junk decks. We know who you are. Stop it. Now. Blob: Ongoing: Can't be moved > Ongoing: Can't be destroyed, moved or have it's power reduced. This change is mainly for text consistency with the ongoing ability. Colossus was the only other card with an ongoing effect that can't be moved.


Power 4 Card Ability On Reveal: Return your other cards here to your hand. Give them -1 Cost. Obtained Collection Level 462-? (Pool 3) Report an Issue / Download .webp Image Variant Artwork for Beast Beast card from the Marvel Snap Card Database -

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Beast Deck Code for Marvel Snap. There are many different ways you can play a Beast Deck but it mostly revolves around bouncing those above-mentioned 1-Cost cards. Here is an example deck: Falcon is a very important part of the deck as well. He has one more Power compared to Beast, the same Energy cost, but it returns every 1-Cost card on your.

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The Best Deck for Bounce Archetype. The ideal bounce deck in the current metagame is a Kitty Pryde-Beast lineup. To replicate this setup, players will need to have Kitty Pryde team up with Beast.

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Beast isn't one of the more popular cards in Marvel Snap, but it has its own little archetype with cards that like to be pulled back into your hand and replayed. Beast is a really fun card that is most often used to screw the pace of your opponent's deck in order to win games.

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Beast is a MARVEL SNAP card that costs 3 energy and has 4 power. It has the effect: "On Reveal: Return your other cards here to your hand. Give them -1 Cost." It has variants from the Pixel, All-New, Grey, Classic, Dan Hipp, and 1602 categories. The original card art is colored by Joverine, and drawn by Ryan Kinnaird. Character Bio

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Is Beast A Good Card in MARVEL SNAP? Quinjet sounds quite harmless, but imagine a hand full of cards that become cheaper, espcially combined with many 1-cost cards sitting in your deck that will all become free cards to play with Quinjet. One of the most popular 1-cost cards in Marvel Snap right now..

Beast Marvel Snap Card Database

Marvel Snap's decks often have star characters, and though the Bounce Deck doesn't give much away by name, Beast is easily the most powerful card in the archetype. Beast can return every card at.

Beast Marvel Snap Card Database

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Nov 10, 2023 Rarity Super Rare 1,200 Gold Artist Full art Download Artist Joverine Inker --- Colorist Ryan Kinnaird Variant Stats Ranking by Usage Tracked Owners 77 Tracked Usage 29 Variant Share

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The Best Marvel Snap Decks Welcome to our best decks tier list where I try to cover all of the best decks in Marvel Snap. In this article, I'll be covering what I believe are the best decks in the meta, and potentially some honorable mentions. 2024 has just begun, and we're back to bring an updated look a the Marvel Snap meta.