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The question is no longer whether improvement programs can be useful, but how to implement them with success (see post about the S-curve).If your program doesn't pay off, it doesn't matter if it's labelled "lean", "six sigma", "lean six sigma", "total quality management", "world class manufacturing", "[company name] production system", or anything else.

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Article / By Daniel Over the years Paul Akers and his company Fastcap have created hundreds of noteworthy 2 Second Lean videos. You can always visit the company lean video library or YouTube channel, but we thought it good to compile a list of some of our favorite videos, which you'll find below.

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Lean Videos. Take a Tour of FastCap. FastCap Tour 2.0. Morning Meeting 1. Morning Meeting 2. Lean Is Simple. 2020 Best Improvements. 2019 Best Improvements. 2018 Best Improvements.

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8 Wastes of Lean | Funny & Free Training Eliminating unnecessary waste is at the very heart of lean. Anyone seeking to practice lean must therefore understand the eight wastes of lean. The 8 wastes of lean are eight categories of wasteful or unnecessary activities that rob us of our time, energy, and money. Introduction to the 8 Wastes of Lean

What People Think a Lean Healthcare Consultant Does Lean Blog

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1 6:14 Overcoming Resistance to Change - Isn't It Obvious? Learning TOC (Theory of Constraints) • 928K views • 13 years ago 2 10:06 Kate Keene and The Continuous Improvement Process Sometimes Y.

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Update - My "Office 5S Gone Wrong" video has gotten more than 200,000 views on YouTube since I created it back in 2010…. You might remember my blog post from 2007 titled "Bad Lean/5S Hits the UK Media." It featured a link to a news story from the UK that included the picture at left. An accounting firm was implementing "Office 5S" in a very top-down and, arguably, misguided way.

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Lean 5S is a productivity tool that dates back to Henry Ford and Toyota in the early 1900s. It primarily accomplishes two things: It makes work "flow" easily due to thoughtful organization, cleanliness, and standardization. It makes problems and abnormalities immediately visible.

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5 Best Lean Manufacturing Video Published in 2021 LeanVlog 36.9K subscribers Subscribe 1.7K views 1 year ago The video is about the 5 Best Lean Videos of 2021. This video has been.

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Excellent production values, with a musical score and very funny dialogue. At a short 5 min and 10 seconds, this video is perfect to supplement any Lean training session or kaizen event, illustrating the key Lean concepts of 5S and waste. The added bonus of Aussie slang pushes my rating of this to two thumbs up!


Be More Careful A funny look at ineffective warning signs. Doctor Muda The world's first (and only?) Lean Healthcare Comedian Dilbert Cartoons about Lean & Six Sigma Lean Memes Funny images and memes that relate to Lean and Lean Startups. Doofus and Leanie A parody of the old Goofus and Gallant cartoons Lean Laughs

Rid your processes of steps that waste time, effort and money, with Lean and LeanSixSigma http

Learn the basics of the 8 wastes of lean manufacturing in this funny introduction! If you like video, there's a whole series on the 8 wastes of lean and it's.

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See below for the listing of videos. You can also subscribe to his YouTube channel to follow new videos there. Video Listing 023 - Our Latest 2 Second Lean Improvements 022 - The Waste of Transportation: Two Factors 021 - Fun Lean 5S Capsule Closet 020 - SMED Single Minute Exchange of Diaper 019 - What is Value? Lean Manufacturing at Disney World

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Lean Videos; Paul's Books. 2 Second Lean Videos by Chapter; Banish Sloppiness Videos by Chapter; Lean Health Videos by Chapter; Lean Life Videos by Chapter; Lean Travel Videos by Chapter; Lean Fastcap.. Six Sigma (funny) February 3, 2016 April 2, 2015 by Paul. Good thing we have2 Second Lean!!!

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UttanaOnline 7.93K subscribers 17K views 9 years ago Check out our new Lean and Kaizen-themed comedy, Everybody Get Lean! Watch the antics of the Expira office team as they go astray on their.

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Lean manufacturing is the key to decreased inventory cost and increased margins. Lean management decreases waste and improves the quality of your products. Paul Akers is an expert in lean principles. In this interview with UpFlip he shares how to integrate the principals of lean manufacturing by making a simple daily 2-second change.